A Network that Delivers Exactly What it Promises... Link Authority!

What is LinkAuthority.com?

We enable writers to post their high quality content throughout our network of Top tier high PR websites. The reason we do this is to ensure readers who come to visit our websites can find the information they want in the most conducive way possible.

When we say quality content we mean it! There is no “spinning” of any kind permitted and all of the content that is provided will be screened by our team to ensure it provides very well thought out and relevant information. The reason we are so uptight on quality and uniqueness is we want readers to benefit from finding what they want. You benefit as a writer by making the world know about who you are and what you have to offer. Since the information we are providing can be broad based we allow our clients to embed a link that would let the reader go back to their website to get more information. This is your benefit and since our websites are targeted for the particular niche you are writing about and has a high PR readers will find it easily. The more people that can find your website the more opportunities you have to grow your online presence.

The Link Authority philosophy is simple, let website owners and their writers provide unique, informative content and we will put it on high quality websites. This turnkey solution enables website owners to get the best possible results without the need to spend their money on other forms of distribution.

How Much Does it Cost?

The best thing about this network is its FREE – The only thing you need to do is contribute sites with a PR into the network – You then get access to publish articles across this amazing powerful network.

By contributing great quality sites you are not only getting to use the network for free, but you are also getting free moderated high quality content on your site.

Alternatively you can purchase additional daily quota submission limits. We would however prefer if you earned your submission limits by contributing sites into the network. As remember we only put unique content on your site that ONLY you will ever have and we also promote your sites on bookmarking sites, micro sites, web 2.0 sites and RSS feeds!

New Premium Accounts

Use LinkAuthority regularly? Then a premium account is a must have with limited spots available. You get so many benefits
- Access to an all new network!
- 2 free high quality guest posts
- 2 Bonus Daily Quota

Automation at its Best

  • Great user Interface No complicated interfaces that make daily tasks a nightmare, we have made the user interface to suit both the experienced marketer and the new.

  • One Screen Submits No more 10 step processes to adding articles or sites, we have a quick and easy submit screen. The system was created for simplicity

  • Project Creation We allow project creation for super easy management of the sites you are promoting

Key Features

  • We do NOT accept spun content - Since we focus on quality those who use our platform can enjoy the benefit of having their articles remain online for a long period of time. The reason we are able to boast about this benefit is we only use great content, one link per initial article and relevancy. With this focus on quality everything you want to put online will “stick” and help reinforce your online presence.

  • Sites in the network get HUGE respect by the search engines for having unique content and writers get huge exposure

  • We add our own huge private portfolio of PR sites into the network so you get the benefits of both a public and private network

  • No messing around with categories. We create the categories on your sites

  • Network moderation and trusted members (Each article is moderated before going live. Producing good quality articles? Then we reward you by adding you to the trust list - so no more waiting for moderation. Just instant pure backlinks)

  • And more:
    - Tons of IP diversity
    - Super indexing rates with links built into published articles
    - Sites are aged and trusted