How To Generate 2K-3K A Month On Autopilot

Are you ready for another AWESOME CASE STUDY?

Here we are going to show you how another one of our site makes more than 3K a month on complete auto-pilot (We did put in 30-35 hours of work in creating the site and content, and 3-4 hours a week publishing some backlinks) and we are going to break it down from the very starting to very end.

It’s been more than a few months and we have not been able to publish more case studies just because of the shear volume of work we have to take care of every day.


See SEO is really simple, you just need to know the key ingredients and make things automated, and that is more than enough to take you off your lousy day job and make you a full time internet marketer, we have tons of small sites like these which make us a decent earning.

Here is the screenshot from our affiliate account where it shows the sales (member upgrades) we've got in last 15 days:

Image title

A member upgrades by buying a bottle of weight loss pills, they come in 3 packs, you can buy a single bottle, 3 bottles (buy 2 get one free) or 6 bottles (buy 3 get 3 free).

We have a beautiful copy on the homepage where we are asking them to buy 6 bottles, as this generates me maximum commission i.e. 75 USD/sale.

We get paid every week, here is a screenshot of balance in our account, You will see it is a little more (actually double) than what sales we have got in last week that is because we haven’t taken out money for last 2 weeks or so.

Out of 15 sales in last 15 days, 13 of them are 6 bottles and rest two are 3 bottle sales, so we have netted about 1 sale a day. As the rankings are improving, we think we can get to 2 sales a day in next few weeks.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty of the campaign and trace the steps from the very beginning. We will lay down everything in 5 simple steps:

1. Keyword Research:

We have always loved weight loss industry because people are so desperate to make a purchase, they have made up their mind and that gets you the maximum conversion rate.

The niche is hard though, you cannot simply make a 20 page site and get ranked for “loose weight fast” or “weight loss pills”.

You need to be smart, here is what we did:

  • We searched for all the weight loss pills that are available in the market.
  • We knew that ranking for brand name is easier than ranking for generic keywords like “loose weight fast” so we looked up the name of the pills in Google adwords.
  • We found one with decent search volume and not so much competition, refer to the following screenshot:Image title

2. Competition Analysis:

Out of 10 products, this was the third we researched for, it’s critical to do the right research otherwise you will end up wasting your time, money and resources on something that is never going to be beneficial and most of the newbies fail here.

But this does not mean that you get stuck on this step, don’t spend more than 45 mins analyzing competition and keywords.

Okie so, here is what we did in my competition research:

  • We searched on Google and saw some sites which were ranking on top, and analyzed their backlink profiles.
  • As expected they were not that competitive and it would take us just 2-3 months to beat them and get on top positions.
  • Here is a snapshot of backlink profiles of a few of those sites and what completion we were up against, their profile obviously got better with time as these guys were continuously SEOing as well:

Backlink profile: Competitor 1 is a root domain of a niche site, Just like the one I am creating.

Image title

Backlink profile: Competitor 2 is an internal page of a authority domain from same niche.

Image title

3. Setting Up The Website:

Now that we had our mind made up, we simply had to put up a nice converting site together. This took us 2-3 hours to setup the domain on our VPS and set up a paid theme from studiopress.

We use them because most of their themes are mobile optimized, PEOPLE, do not ignore mobile optimization, almost 40% of our traffic come from there. We are sure that by end of 2015 it will be 50%.

The whole process is further split into a few parts:

  • Domain Name: We are a big fan of exact match, we chose a domain name which was
  • We installed a studiopress theme which looks good for a mommy blogger reviewing weight loss products.
  • We made it look really authentic, when someone comes to the site they think it’s actually a lady who is running the site and has mentioned her real life experience.

We hope this gives you enough ideas and got those creative juices flowing through your head. Just improvise.

4. Backlinking:

Well as we all know, 70% of SEO is still all about generating high quality backlinks, this is our backlink profile:

Image title

As you can see, we started on this site in December and we are sending less than 3 links a day, it’s continuous process most of the links are scheduled with proper anchor text distribution.

5. Results:

We have already shown you guys our earnings from this site, it’ about 3K a month, which is enough for most bloggers or newbies who want to start making some money online.

We our-self didn't even pay attention to this site for months, we opened it today after almost a month just because we wanted to make a case study for you folks and give you some direction, here are the current rankings of this site:

Image title

So to wrap this up, we wish you guys all the best and want to let everyone know that earning 40-50K a month from SEO is not tough if you know what you are doing.