Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few reasons the system is manually reviewed, you only get links from sites with PR and the network is a combination of our personal private network in which we add new sites too every month. On top of this we have tons of user submitted sites that have PR and authority which will also publish your articles.

We would prefer if you did contribute to the network - However you can purchase daily submission quota if you really cannot create a site or want to boost your daily submission quota.

We moderate every article and site added to the network manually. A user who is on the trustlist does not need moderation.

Users on the trust list have achieved this status by regularly contributing high quality articles to the system. By keeping articles clean you eventually can awarded a place on the trust list.

Unfortunately not, because publishing 1 article on more than one site may leave footprint on the search engines and it is essential to keep our sites remain trusted by search engines.

We do not provide that as we need to protect the integrity of the network, however we do provide the PR of the site it has been posted on and we do build power into your published articles.

No - All sales are final and we do not offer refunds.

We have personally added hundreds of high PA/DA sites into the network as well as this, we have tons of user submitted sites into the network as well.

We personally add sites monthly - Users add sites into the system daily. We also check weekly for changes in sites PR etc and remove sites that are deemed low quality.

If your article in under 300 words then you can have 1 link if it is over then you can place 2 links in the article.

This is for us to use to publish to sites - So that all of your content is not going into uncategorized as it leaves a huge footprint and devalues sites in the network.

We currently accept sites using XML RPC publishing - You need to make sure that XML RPC and Atom Publish is enabled under settings>Writing

Yes you can but they will only be queued for publishing on the next available day you have quota

No! We do not accept duplicate content and we automatically check for this on each submission.

No this system does not support spinning - If you would like to publish spun articles please use our sister site

You would simply need to login to your Skrill or 2Checkout locate your subscription and hit the cancel button.