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Intellectual property rights

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Through the submission of articles or content on our site, you warrant and certify that you are the sole owner of the to publish the content/articles and have/will not infringe any proprietary rights involved, including but not limited to the copyright, trademark, patent of any other party. In addition to this, you will not hold us responsible in any claims as a result from any actions due to violation of rights on your part. You are to be made responsible for the content/articles to be submitted to us and any infringement and violation resulting from the submitted articles/content. You further agree that through the submission of articles/content to our site, you allow us and our associates a non-exclusive royalty-free license to publish and use the articles/content.

License Pertaining To Website Usage

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• no republishing, reproducing and storing of these material (including on other websites) on any private or public electronic retrieval system.

• no duplicating, reproducing, copying, reselling and absolutely no exploitation of the material contained on our website for any monetary gains without the prior written consent from us.

• no modifying of the material contained on our website in any manner.

Fees and Payment

There is an optional paid membership for those that require it. By selecting this pad premium membership, you are agreeing to pay either the monthly or annual subscription fees that are imposed for our services. Payments are incurred from the day you sign up for the service and will cover the entire period of service.


We do not guarantee and warranty the reliability and accuracy of the information and content contained or distributed from the services of this website. We do not warranty the quality of the product contained herein or as a result through the usage of our website. We reserve the right to modify or retract any information, content and service.



The compensation and subscription fees received as an affiliate marketer to provide our opinion on various subjects including services, websites and products does NOT include the posts that are made on this website.

We uphold to the marketing standards and by word of mouth to uphold the identities, opinions and relationships that are involved.

The content, material and opinions that are posted on this site are purely our own through our honest findings, beliefs, opinions as well as our personal experienced on various topics and products.

Any issue pertaining to the products or services should be dealt directly with the said manufacturer and/or provider.

Restricted access

Certain areas to our website are restricted at our discretion. We reserve the right to restrict these access, whether part or whole as we deem fit without any prior notice.

All user IDs provided by us for the purpose of gaining access to the above mentioned restricted areas of our website should be held with full responsibility and confidentiality. By using this user ID and password, you agree not to reveal or indulge the information to a third party.

We reserve the right to disable your user ID and password without prior notice.

Bulletin board/comments/chat rooms

You agree not to use our website in any manner that is deemed harmful or may impair the accessibility or availability to other users.

You agree not to use our website for any matters pertaining to marketing without the prior written consent from our party.

You agree not to use our website in any manner that is against the law; fraudulent, illegal or in any harmful way for any activity or purpose.

You will not use our website to publish, copy or send bulk mails and spam.

You will not use our website to copy, publish or transmit material that is unlawful, illegal or could lead to legal action under the applicable law. All the copied, published or transmitted material should not be in an obscene, discriminatory, hateful or indecent and should in no way violate the intellectual property rights. The use of these material should not motivate a person to commit crime, be misleading, deceptive or contain sexually explicit material.

The right to remove any material posted on our website deemed to be unfit belongs to us.

We reserve the right to take the necessary action and steps which may include account suspension and cancellation, access restriction or even legal action should there be any inappropriate material posted on our website.

We reserve the non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt,publish, translate and distribute the material that you post on our website In respect of all material that you post on our website. This right is not territory and country restricted and we have the additional right to sub-license the said material.


You hereby agree to indemnify and not hold us liable in any way as a result from but not limited to your usage of our services and website.


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Entire agreement

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